International Conference - Fundamental forces from colliders to gravitational waves

du 20 juin 2022 au 24 juin 2022

Le LabEx LIO est partenaire de cette conférence internationale qui se tiendra à l'IP2I du 20 au 24 juin 2022.

The LIO international conference on "Fundamental forces from colliders to gravitational waves" aims at discussing the new recent results in particle physics and cosmology to explore new and emerging models of physics beyond the standard model. The event also hosts a workshop dedicated to the France-Korea STAR collaboration project (PHC) on "Higgs and Dark Matter Connections" .

The conference will be in hybrid format, webcast and in-person event at the IP2I of Lyon, France. It is aimed at discussing and starting new collaborations and projects, so ample time will be left for discussion and collaborative work.

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Publié le 23 août 2022