International Conference - LOOPS'22

du 18 juillet 2022 au 22 juillet 2022

Le LabEx LIO est partenaire de LOOPS'22 qui aura lieu à l'ENS de Lyon (France), du 18 au 22 juillet 2022.

The international conference Loops’ 22 will be held at the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon (ENS Lyon) in France. Loops’ 22 is the most recent conference in a long tradition of biannual meetings focused on loop quantum gravity and background independent approaches to quantum gravity. Initially planned in 2021 as Loops’ 21, it has been postponed by one year.

The scientific program of Loops’ 22 will highlight the recent progress and exciting developments in quantum gravity and cosmology, with a special focus on loop quantum gravity and related approaches. Remote online participation will be possible. The conference will be the opportunity for young researchers to meet the experts and leading scientists working on and around loop quantum gravity.

The conference will be preceded by the Loops’ 22 Summer School held in Marseille (France) on July 11-15, 2022. Both events are organized by the research groups at the ENS Lyon (Marc Geiller, Etera Livine) and at the CPT in Marseille (Alejandro Perez, Simone Speziale).

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Publié le 23 août 2022