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Equipment and technical expertise

The LIO technical facilities
In order to develop "big science projects on the origins", LIO has from the beginning initiated a program of investment in new, innovating, cutting-edge experimental and technical facilities, collected under three main priorities:

21.a Common Cryogenic and Integration Facility (CCIF) that includes:

  • a Liquid Argon facility, unique in France, for ultra-sensitive neutrino detection
  • a Dark Matter facility, that is a development centre of semi-conductor and supra-conductor cryogenic detectors for detections of very rare events
  • a Clean Room to optimize the integration of high-tech detectors
  • an Integration Hall for the assembly of large astronomical instruments

2.a Common Computing Facility (CCF) to develop High Performance Computing in the fields of data analysis, and simulations of complex systems.

3.a set of production and metrology tools:

  • IADC, a large coating facility for large optical components
  • TIMS, a high-precision mass spectrometry facility (integrated into the MC-ICP-MS National Facility)
  • URAMAN, a high-resolution Raman spectroscopy facility (integrated into the Raman National Facility).
These research facilities have been a well-recognized technical and scientific breakthrough.

In 2020, the LIO provided financial support to the following technical facilities, in the framework of the call for proposal "Lio Technical Facilities 2020" (click on the weblinks to find more about these facilities):
CCIF-Integration Hall (Common Cryogenic and Integration Facility)
DIAM facility (Device for Irradiation of molecular nanosystems)
CCIF-LAr (Liquid Argon Facility)
IADC facility (Ion Assisted Deposition technique facility)
CCIF-Dark Matter facility
TIMS+ Proteus (ICPMS "new generation" Mass Spectrometer : Proteus)
CCIF-Clean Room (LIO Clean room facility, TEDD Project (Tracker Endcap Double Disk)
CCF (PSMN) : Upgrade of the Common Computing Facility.