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IglooLab educational platform

The Lyon Observatory has just acquired an immersive cylindrical Igloo system thanks to funding from LabEx LIO and financial support from Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University.

The applications concern training, research and the dissemination of knowledge in Earth and Universe Sciences. The immersive experiences are varied and include, among others, ultra-realistic visits in 360 virtual tours, real-time exploration of 3D models and the broadcast of 360 audio-visual content.

The IglooLab includes the immersive device allowing visitors, students, researchers to be taken to exceptional but inaccessible geological terrains (underwater, abroad, extra-terrestrial) or difficult to access for health reasons. An observation room adjoining the Igloo system allows you to observe and study rocks, minerals, maps and digital models associated with the immersive experience.

This combined and inclusive approach is particularly innovative for Earth and Universe Sciences and represents a unique communication channel for researchers and teachers.

Published on February 1, 2024