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Bandeau thématique 5
Bandeau thématique 5

Optique ultra performante réalisée au Laboratoire des Matériaux Avancés pour le premier étalon Fabry-Pérot de l'instrument VTF (Visible Tunable Filter) font la Une sur le site web de l'institut KIS de Fribourg (Allemagne).


LabEx LIO collaborates with the Laboratory of Advanced Materials (LMA) to develop methods for improving the optical components of astronomical instruments used to analyze light.

Telescopes function using primary optical components, often mirrors, and complex instrumentation of up to 30 optical components, which gather and analyze light from the main mirrors. However, 4 to 6% of light risks being lost each time it passes through a lens. The IAD method overcomes this obstacle by creating optimal coatings that are capable of reflecting or absorbing light efficiently and without loss. These IAD filters or coatings enable precise analysis of the spectral content of the light that passes through a telescope. The LMA recently furnished IAD mirrors and high-precision optics that enabled the detection of gravitational waves.

The contributions to telescope improvement made by LMA researchers enable a more precise study of distant planets, stars, and galaxies.

Interview with Gianpietro Cagnoli, Director of the Advanced Materials Laboratory in 2016 (LMA)
Article written by My Science Work

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